Manara for Creditors

We work with a number of financial institutions, utilities, and real estate companies to deliver optimal outcomes from non-performing loans, lending products and for outstanding receivables.

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Manara for Debtors

We provide advisory services to individuals and business owners to effectively manage and optimize their financial obligations, by analyzing their working capital needs and utilise our relationships to ensure commitments can be met.

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Manara and Technology

We leverage our intimate knowledge and experience of the inner workings of financial institutions to identify and deploy innovative technologies across use cases, with a focus on maximising ROI, and limited initial working capital requirements

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Since 1993

Our value proposition

We are established on a strategic, result orientated approach and proven practices, which have been honed through relevant and broad-based regional and international experience

  • We leverage our extensive regional and international experience and understanding of the financial regulations and laws of our jurisdictions to ensure the advice we provide clients are appropriate – Our track record and integrity are first-class
  • Our background as leaders in credit control, risk management, restructuring and recovery in the region and internationally ensures that all avenues are explored, and the maximum value is created for stakeholders – Our independence is a critical driver and differentiator
  • We have an extensive network across all levels of regional Financial Institutions which enables us to speak with the right people early; ensuring we waste no time in gaining a resolution
  • We only take on clients where we are confident of effecting a marked improvement to their net financial position. This is closely monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are consistently providing value
  • Our local presence means that we can remain engaged at the job in hand, in a cost effective manner – no assignment is too big or small